IWG iLottery Game Integrated With New Hampshire Lottery

IWG iLottery Game Integrated With New Hampshire Lottery

New Hampshire is set to integrate Instant Win Games (IWG) online jackpot-enabled games to its roster. The firm’s previous titles were very successful in the state.

A big catch for IWG

IWG announced that its online jackpot-enabled games will now be integrated into New Hampshire Lottery. The firm is a leading supplier of online instant win games and has a massive roster of 250 innovative online titles designed for lotteries.

IWG iLottery Game Integrated With New Hampshire Lottery

With this integration, IWG’s Jungle Tumble Jackpots will be available to gaming enthusiasts in New Hampshire. The game comes with three potential jackpots at different intervals and is designed especially for use by lotteries. The three jackpots include a small low-reward that is provided multiple times during the day, a mid-tier jackpot given once a week, and a top-tier reward that is given away once a month.

Jungle Tumble is the first game to feature the new progressive jackpot technology from IWG. It is contained entirely within the Remote Gaming Server (RGS) of IWG, which makes the integration process much simpler. This is one of the reasons why the Lottery doesn’t have to invest additional funds in technical support to maintain their game.

IWG’s longstanding partnership with New Hampshire

New Hampshire and IWG have collaborated before as well. The state incorporated many of IWG’s online lottery titles earlier last year, which helped the lottery gain a lot of momentum. The success of the game helped in paving the way for jackpot-enabled games, which could provide an even higher profit to the lottery. The high profitability is also forcing Alabama to opt for a lottery.

Charlie McIntyre, the executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery applauded the success of the IWG games. He said that the incorporation of the progressive jackpot-enabled e-Instant games will expose the lottery to a broader range of audiences.

Rhydian Fisher, the CEO of IWG said that the company’s titles also highlight their focus on quality. He also acknowledged New Hampshire for being one of the first stated to incorporate the innovative IWG product offering.

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