Nevada Approves Cashless Wallet Solution by IGT

Nevada Approves Cashless Wallet Solution by IGT

International Game Technology (IGT) presented a new cashless solution that received approval from Nevada regulators. The company will become the first in the state to enable cashless modules for slot machines.

IGT leads in cashless gaming

IGT has been working on making cashless gaming a priority. It announced on Tuesday that the Resort Wallet carded cashless module received approval from the Nevada regulators. The module is a part of the firm’s IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system which will create a new era of cashless gaming in Nevada.

Nevada Approves Cashless Wallet Solution by IGT

The card provides a seamless and effortless slot gaming experience that reduces contact in the casino. Players will be able to use the Resort Wallet to transfer their cash from a loyalty card to a digital wallet from any slot machine with the Resort Wallet feature enabled. It can also be used at a casino cash desk.

Safe and convenient for use

The card is PIN-protected which is both safe and convenient for the user. The users can also transfer some of their funds to a digital wallet using a slot machine. They will receive a printed ticket from the machine which will reflect the balance. Ryan Reddy, Vice President of VLT, Systems and Payments Products at IGT commented on the offering and said,

“Our Resort Wallet solution ensures that our customers can experience the increased liquidity, player convenience, and enhanced safety that only cashless gaming can deliver.”

He said that the solution will be able to heighten the gameplay experience of the players and position them as technology leaders. Reddy also thanked the Nevada Gaming Control Board for approving a cashless product in the state.

The solution currently offers three variants of the cashless module. One is the cardless module, another is a smartphone payment module that uses the players’ Cashless Wagering Account. The final variation allows users to transfer funds from Cashless Wagering Account to external sources like debit cards, eWallets, and bank accounts.

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