NY Gov. Cuomo Changes Stance on Online Sports Betting

NY Gov. Cuomo Changes Stance on Online Sports Betting

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally had a change of heart for online sports betting in the state. However, he is still not willing to follow New Jersey’s example.

What does Cuomo plan?

Cuomo detailed his plans while talking to New York Daily News, suggesting that the state wants to opt for a sports betting model similar to the lottery. He earlier said that sports betting in New York would demand a constitutional amendment. He said,

“many states have done sports betting, but they basically allow casinos to run their own gambling operations. That makes a lot of money for casinos, but it makes minimal money for the state. And I’m not here to make casinos a lot of money. I’m here to raise funds for the state.”

NY Gov. Cuomo Changes Stance on Online Sports Betting

Brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are legal in New York. The offering is currently available in four commercially licensed upstate casinos. Tribal casinos are also offering athletic wagering. None of these sportsbooks are close to New York City.

Cuomo said that the state needs about $15 billion per year to cover two upcoming budget cycles. This figure doesn’t include the billions of dollars needed by county and city governments and public agencies that have been equally affected by the pandemic. The governor called out the Trump administration for not doing much to stop New York City from being attacked by the pandemic during its early stages. He seeks federal aid to fill in state deficits. However, Cuomo himself has come under fire for his poor response to the pandemic and his decision to send infected patients to nursing homes.

State officials looking for alternatives

It has become clear that Congress would not oblige to NY’s demands. Therefore, Cuomo and other state officials are forced to look for alternatives to fill up their deficits. They are now planning to cut the budget, lay off staff, increases taxes, and create new revenue streams. The soon-to-be-Democratic led Congress government is expected to be more sympathetic to the states and provide aid. However, the state is still planning to do its share by increasing revenue.

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