Maryland Plans Big Changes in Gambling Legislation in 2021

Maryland Plans Big Changes in Gambling Legislation in 2021

Maryland inched closer to the legalization of online sports betting in the state after a November 2020 vote where residents favored the move. Now, the state plans on creating a regulatory structure for the Maryland online gambling market.

What are lawmakers planning?

2021 will be a crucial year for the online sports betting market in Maryland. Lawmakers are working on finalizing the details of the final legislation. The state has an affluent and tech-savvy population. The highly educated masses of the state would require equally smart legislation that focuses on convenience and safety without stifling innovation.

Maryland Plans Big Changes in Gambling Legislation in 2021

Maryland already has race tracks and land-based casinos but the state is planning for bigger online sports betting market. Its iGaming ambitions will bring more revenue to the state and provide more sophisticated gambling options to the residents as well. People have changed the way they consume information and more online options should be available for people in the state. The state needs to work on an efficient iGaming infrastructure that provides fast, safe, and enjoyable gambling options accessible from anywhere within its borders.

Innovation is the need of the hour

Without focusing on innovative approaches to iGaming, the state will not be able to fully utilize the benefits of its gambling sector. Canada is a glorious example in this case. Their focus on innovation gave the residents a wide range of choices in fantasy sport, sports betting, social casinos, and even eSports which allowed the market to flourish. Back home in the US, New Jersey is a good example of how early and targeted focus on online gambling could help states reap great rewards.

Less is known about the kind of legislation that Maryland is creating but it should ideally be focused on the demands of a modern consumer. It should also allow private operators to come to enter the market while being strictly-regulated by the local government.

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