FanDuel Leaps Ahead of Competition in Virginia

FanDuel Leaps Ahead of Competition in Virginia

FanDuel’s online sportsbook offering will be among the first available to Virginia sporting fans. The team’s early partnership with the Washington Football team is helping it get preferential treatment before launch.

Right in time for the big events

FanDuel will be the first sportsbook to launch in Virginia, right in time for big sporting events like the Super Bowl.  The state has over 20 applicants waiting to launch their products in the state. However, FanDuel managed to stay ahead of its competition because of a partnership deal with the Washington Football Team. This will help the firm gain early entry into the market and bring its wagering options to over 8.5 million residents in the state.

FanDuel Leaps Ahead of Competition in Virginia

Mike Raffensperger, the chief marketing officer of FanDuel confirmed that the firm received its green light to operate on Wednesday. It started signing people up and accepting wagers on Thursday. The launch occurred right as the NFL is entering the playoffs. The UFC is also hosting a series of events this weekend, including featuring Conor McGregor.

Sole recipient of traffic

Since the daily fantasy sport and athletic wagering firm is the only player in the Virginia market right now, it will enjoy exclusive access to the betting traffic in the state for a few days. Its monopoly could be broken when the lottery issues more licenses during the week. Explaining why the company is getting preferential treatment, lottery representative John Hagerty said that a firm with an existing partnership with a major sports franchise is given special consideration.

Note that Washington is not playing but it is headquartered in Virginia, which provides FanDuel the necessary advantage it seeks over others. Hagerty noted that all successful applicants will be able to go live by February 7, when Super Bowl begins. The lottery has to issue only 12 licenses now, because of which at least some big names could be rooted out from participating in the market.

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