Fantasy Sports Betting to Arrive in Louisiana This Spring

Fantasy Sports Betting to Arrive in Louisiana This Spring

Fantasy sports betting lovers in Louisiana could have their wishes come true this spring. Fantasy sports wagering firms can start submitting applications to start offering these services in the state.

A new era for Louisiana

Maj. Chuck McNeal of the Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Division said that companies may start submitting applications to operate fantasy sports betting on February 19. He said that the investigation of the applicant’s suitability will take 60 to 90 days. Once the State Police has completed its enquiry, the company can appear before the Louisiana Gaming Control Board to receive a gambling license.

Fantasy Sports Betting to Arrive in Louisiana This Spring

If all goes well, then citizens of Louisiana will be able to start legal fantasy sports betting by April or May, which coincides with the fall football season. Fantasy sports allows users to create a roster of real athletes and real times and compile their game stats to create a point total.

Louisiana’s journey to legalizing

Louisiana has 64 parishes of which 47 supported a ballot question allowing legalized fantasy sports betting in their region in November 2018. The ballot allowed anyone over 21 years to start betting and traveling between parishes was allowed to participate in the betting activity. FanDuel and DraftKings pumped over $1 million into Fairness for Fantasy Sports Louisiana. The PAC promoted the measure on radio and TV and did voter outreach efforts to build support for the cause.

Last year, voters in 55 parishes supported sports betting in their parishes. Most big-city parishes like New Orleans and Baton Rouge supported the cause overwhelmingly. Critics suggest that betting could encourage juveniles to engage in risky activities and shatter families because of addition and financial losses. Proponents suggest that proper safeguards will be put in place to address these concerns. They also said that the tax revenue generated for the state can be used for its various programs.

However, several issues still need to resolve with the sports betting industry. They may be discussed in April when the Louisiana legislature meets at the Capitol in Baton Rouge.

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