WynnBet looks to drive brand popularity with new TV spot starring Ben Affleck

WynnBet looks to drive brand popularity with new TV spot starring Ben Affleck

WynnBet has added star power to its endorsement portfolio, launching an advertisement campaign that features the brightest celebrities in the field of sports and entertainment. 

WynnBet’s Star-Studded Commercial Spot

Wynn Resorts fielded an All-Star cast in the newest commercial spot for its online sports betting app – WynnBet. 

Batman actor Ben Affleck, comedian Melvin Gregg and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal appeared and aced their respective role in the amusing TV commercial launched to drive WynnBet’s popularity in a much broader market.

The TV advert, which also credited Affleck as the director, focused on Affleck’s sports betting foray as he roams around Wynn Resorts Las Vegas getting all sorts of tips from the people he meets in the property. 

Gregg, who accompanied Affleck on his way to the casino, played the role of the foil to the Batman actor as he seemed not so convinced about Affleck’s sports betting choices. 

Shaq then showed why he’s a larger-than-life personality, interacting with fellow sports bettors and making decision-making a little bit more difficult for Affleck, who had remained firm in his belief that Boston was going to cover the spread.  

Apart from the acting and directing job, Affleck also handpicked almost every person that appeared in the advertisement, including stars like Shaq and Gregg. Gregg is Affleck’s co-star in the critically acclaimed sports drama, “The Way Back.”   

WynnBet disclosed in the press release that its relationship with Affleck will go beyond the TV spot project. The Hollywood actor and producer is also helping the sports betting and iGaming brand gain more traction in the role of a strategic consultant.    

More about WynnBet Marketing Campaign

Craig Billings, Wynn Interactive CEO, said the people involved in the TV ad project have made sure each detail throughout the 2-plus minute commercial spot played out perfectly according to plan. 

The executive added they already launched an advertisement campaign with several TV partners and across the WynnBet app and social media platforms. The Ben Affleck-starred TV spot aims to connect with sports fans and introduce them to a world-class mobile sports betting platform like WynnBet.

O’Neal, a self-professed sports bettor, also believed WynnBet’s latest marketing campaign successfully delivered the message to sports fans who just want to share the feeling of winning with their favorite sports teams or players.  


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