Epic Risk Management’s Subsidiary Expands In the United States

Epic Risk Management’s Subsidiary Expands In the United States

EPIC Risk Management, the independent gambling harm-prevention consulting firm is proactively expanding in the United States. The firm considers expanding in the country as a priority market because the gambling market in the country is expanding. Also, the firm is forming a subsidiary in Delaware after establishing its presence in the United Kingdom and Europe. The firm aims to address the needs for gambling harm prevention needs in Canada and the United States.

Gambling Harm Prevention and EPIC

The American subsidiary of EPC Risk will have its headquarters in the state of Delaware and will operate as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). It will emphasize a commitment to reduce harm from gambling. This is a viable business commercially even as there is a social commitment to the same. Paul Buck, CEO, And co-founder of EPC Risk Management emphasized that the creation of a subsidiary as a PBC was very much in line with the larger strategy of the company of minimizing gambling harm on a global basis. He mentioned that this development is a very significant development as regards the work of the company in the United States.

Initiatives to raise gambling harm awareness

The firm has been operating in the United States since 2019 and several initiatives have been launched with the aim of raising awareness as regards gambling harm. Initiatives have been taken in association with NFLPA Professional Athletes Association, Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance as well as various college athletic programs.

Key appointments

Cam Adair, a leading expert on video game addiction has also been appointed in June 2021 as iGaming and esports consultant by EPIC in order to help prevent harm from gambling sports in the United States and Europe. Another high-profile appointment was made by Michael V Huber was also appointed as an advisor to help prevent harm from gambling sport just prior to Problem Gambling Awareness Month. He will be a valuable addition to the team, bringing with him valuable experience with respect to gambling addiction and recovery.

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