Riot Games Releases a New Game

Riot Games Releases a New Game

The World Championship of the League of Legends is closing ad the pre-game stage scramble for the league is set to commence on October 5, 2021. Fans are already excited about the event. However, the return of the game called Pick’em that requires predictions will enable fans of the league to make predictions as regards winners of an event before the event takes place.

New features to games encourage player engagement

The new version of the game has two new features. These new features include The Coin and Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball feature will allow users to outright predict the winners of the games prior to their start. This feature was released on Sunday, September 26, 2021. Gamers have until Tuesday, October 5, 2021, to pick their final winners. As of October 10, 2021, onwards, fans will be competing to get the best score. The customers who place early bets and pick the correct winner will be given 20 additional points that will be added to their final score. The Coin feature will fill out any omissions in selection automatically. Players will be able to bet on the event from start to finish; including the knockout and the group stages.

The Coin feature to fill selection gaps

The Coin feature will fill out any omissions in selection by the users in the pick stage automatically. Players can always make late selections and let the RNG make random, automatic selections on their behalf. A statement explaining the features has given a detailed brief on the working of the new features that have been added to the game.

Players are to be rewarded at every stage

Pick’em gamers will be rewarded through in-game rewards that will be distributed by the League of Legends client. Rewards include Blue Essence, Esports capsules, Hextech Chests, Summoner Icons, etc. Players who correctly predict every group and bracket stage match will be rewarded with every ultimate skin released in the League of Legends. Additional incentives are given to players who try to play the game.

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