Sports Betting Exchange Pre-Registration Opened in New Jersey

Sports Betting Exchange Pre-Registration Opened in New Jersey

Sports bettors in New Jersey have been recipients of exciting news.  Prophet, the first peer-to-peer sports betting exchange in the United States has announced that it has allowed pre-registration for customers before the launch of the exchange.

Perks with pre-registration that is based in New Jersey, will allow sports wagerers to set prices for the bets of other users as well as their own bets. The pre-registration for the same is now open. There is an enticing perk; a match-up bonus for all customers.

Match-up bonus

The progressive bonus is part of the first crowdfunding campaign that has been launched by the sports betting exchange. The motto of the campaign is Exchange The Love. The campaign will give $ 25 to every new 500 customers who open an account with the exchange.

Sisun, CEO of Prophet explained the match-up bonus. He stated that the progressive match-up bonus in essence means that when the pre-registration is closed, there will be 5000 people registered on the sports betting exchange. He further stated that all these 5000 new people will be given $ 250 of deposit match-up bonus when they make their first deposit. He explained that as more people register, everyone will gain.

Comments on the Match-up bonus by the company

The sports betting exchange has stated that this is the best way that it can reward customers who join the company at the pre-registration stage. Full consumer launch in the home state of New Jersey is also going to happen soon. Dean Sisun, CEO and Founder of Prophet stated that as more users register, the exchange will grow stronger. He commented that there will be more liquidity that will result in higher prices. He said that this is the reason why the sports betting exchange wanted to create a campaign to enable customers to help each other and earn incentives in the process.

Launch of Prophet in New Jersey

The sports betting exchange ( is expected to launch in New Jersey in 2021 in time for the college and NFL football season. Indiana launch is expected to happen in 2022.

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