DraftKings throws support for Kindbridge Research Institute

DraftKings throws support for Kindbridge Research Institute

DraftKings, a daily fantasy and sports betting brand, intends to work on the lives of veterans impacted by gambling as part of a multi-year financial commitment to the Kindbridge Research Institute. 

DraftKings support vets 

DraftKings’ financial commitment will fund another research program focused on the intersection of veterans and mindful gaming to advance evidence-based research in the previously mentioned area and improve the lives of afflicted veterans. 

Due to DraftKings’ commitment, which KRI describes as the primary US-based administrator contributing to the endeavor, KRI will want to launch the 50×4 Vets program, which will utilize a three-pronged methodology and will include funding research at veteran-centered gaming treatment centers across the country. 

This initiative aims to address the shortage of statistics on the issue of gaming among veterans. 

Christine Thurmond, head of mindful gaming at DraftKings, observed the subsidizing: “The following statement emphasizes our commitment to fostering evidence-based gaming and DraftKings’ long history of support for our veterans.

The DraftKings SERVES the global corporate social responsibility program encompasses both our trusted gaming activities and our Tech for Heroes initiative, which provides free highly advanced skills training to veterans and military partners, as well as 1:1 tutoring opportunities with our employees. 

The 50x4Vets initiative seeks to address the absence of research on issue gaming among veterans with a three-pronged approach that includes employing the current treatment framework, providing multi-year obligations, and collaborating with other examination communities.

Through its Tech for Heroes initiative, the gaming company assists existing and returning warriors, as well as their companions, in enhancing their capabilities in their current jobs, locating significant work, or exploring careers in technology.

Since its inception in 2018, DraftKings has facilitated 21 Tech for Heroes instructional courses across six urban communities and online, preparing over 500 veterans or military companions and raising nearly $1 million with the assistance of its clients who consistently participate in cause DFS challenges. 

Moreover, as part of a collaboration with American Corporate Partners, its preparation program is supported by 1:1 professional coaching for DraftKings employees and veterans in the local area.

Quotes from the Press Release

DraftKings said that it is “Through DraftKings’ SERVES program, which stands for Service, Equity, Responsibility, Vitality, Entrepreneurship, and Sports, we are focused on creating holistic and conscious routes” for individuals to “build, make, envision, and advance.” 

Nathan D.L. Smith, Ph.D., KRI’s founding chief, stated:

 “Collaborating with DraftKings to launch the 50x4Vets program, which aims to advance therapy for veterans, has the potential to advance the field in multiple ways, including by closing the door on total exploration and writing around here.”

“We are grateful for DraftKings’ financial commitment, which enabled us to begin the multi-year research project while collaborating with long-term treatment centers serving veterans – lending an innovative approach to fusing genuine, lived insight from people who require mediation into the examination. “We anticipate that this work will improve veterans’ experiences while also establishing a data repository that will benefit analysts and supporters across the country.”

“DraftKings makes a big investment in supporting this vitally important veterans research.” 

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