The AGA’s priority in 2022 will continue gaming recovery

The AGA’s priority in 2022 will continue gaming recovery

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Senior Vice President Casey Clark of the American Gaming Association (AGA) discusses the gaming industry’s overall year-end assessment in the United States. He also discusses how the AGA is convening the sports betting ecosystem to address advertising issues, align on proactive consumer education, streamline support for problem gambling, and provide insight into the AGA’s plans for 2022.

AGA focus on guiding casino industry back to normalcy

In 2021, our recovery has been spectacular. Each vertical set new marks, resulting in the best revenue performance in the history of our industry. This kind of turnaround requires tenacity and perseverance — and it did not occur by chance. It was a direct outcome of our industry’s dedication to our clients and our unwavering commitment to provide a world-class experience.

Traditional gambling – slots and tables — have fared the best, despite being severely hurt by COVID limitations and closures. Gaming income totaled $34.22 billion from January through October, a double-digit increase over pre-pandemic levels. Sports betting and iGaming revenue increased significantly, reaching $6.14 billion in October. In 2021, eleven states will legalize sports betting, while two will legalize iGaming,

AGA president Bill Miller stated that, Apart from the strength of our recovery, 2021 witnessed the widespread use of omnichannel methods. We understand that for both online and brick-and-mortar clients, it is not an either/or situation; it is both. Our clients — particularly the new, younger adult generation — want to interact with our products in the ways, places, and times that are convenient for them. The continuous adoption of digital payments, which are now available in at least nine states and numerous tribal sites, is critical to expanding omnichannel.

Sustaining expansion in gaming requires legislative flexibility, a focus on accountability, and eradicating the illegal market.

Whether digital payments or the latest slot machine technology, gaming is continuously developing to give our clients the most excellent possible experience and technology. Because the speed of innovation is rising quicker than ever before, the sector requires policies that facilitate this type of growth.

Quotes from the Press Release

“As gaming continues to grow in popularity and new entrants such as sports leagues and media firms enter the fray, it is critical that we all work together to ensure that accountability is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that accountability is not a checkbox to be checked – it evolves alongside the sector. The AGA’s primary objective is to convene the sports betting ecosystem to address advertising concerns, coordinate proactive consumer education, and streamline resources for problem gambling.”

“While our industry’s growth is giving customers more legal wagering options than ever before, the illicit gambling market remains ubiquitous, and illegal gambling operators are taking advantage of the industry’s expansion. Whether it’s illegal sports betting or gray market machines, these criminal businesses have capitalized on the legal sector’s expansion by preying on naive consumers. Federal and state governments must maintain a laser-like concentration on upholding the law and apprehending these lawbreakers.”

“Along with improving gaming’s recovery, the AGA is focusing on developing a sustainable market and uniting the industry to advance gaming. Specifically, the AGA’s 2022 priorities include expanding responsible sports betting, highlighting AGA members’ success and dedication to ESG problems, cultivating industry leaders, and advocating for policy priorities in Washington. It’s difficult to forecast growth from here, given the record-breaking pace of our recovery in 2021. Nobody could have predicted that after 2020, gaming would have its first $50 billion years. If the last two years have demonstrated anything, it is that this industry has never been stronger, more united, or more poised for success, and the AGA stands ready to lead the way.”

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