Casino Guru applauds the forum’s growth since its inception in 2020

Casino Guru applauds the forum’s growth since its inception in 2020

Casino Guru has complimented the forum’s success in the 20 months since its inception, adding that it “distinguished itself from competition right from the start” through the use of automatic translation into discussions.

Casino Guru recognizes Growth 

Casino Guru Forum’s function, first launched in April 2020, enables users to chat regardless of their native language. The firm states that it “breaks the language barrier” and “brings together casino fans from all over the world.”

Guru remarked that since the forum’s inception, it has been “expanding significantly” in terms of activity and newly registered users and completing several milestones.

Daniel Dolejsi, Casino Guru’s social media and community manager, presented the most recent forum usage statistics: 

Quotes from the Press Release

“November was our busiest month ever in terms of forum activity, with 1,473 new posts from 287 unique members.”

“Over the last month, 4,412 new users have registered, while 2,406 individuals have logged in at least twice. All of these figures have surpassed or evened out our previous records.

“I’m quite pleased with our development. In less than two years since its start, our forum has exceeded the bulk of other popular gambling forums in terms of usage, and Casino Guru is home to a vibrant international conversation about anything gambling-related.

“When you compare our figures to forums that have been for at least a decade longer, it feels like a tremendous success.”

Considering the future, Dolejsi emphasized that Casino Guru is “constantly working on new features and enhancements” and anticipates that activity on its forum will continue to grow and that its users would “return cheerfully” to its platform community to “discuss everything connected to gaming or seek assistance, if necessary.”


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