Graphyte & Bannerflow launch personalized retargeting solution

Graphyte & Bannerflow launch personalized retargeting solution

Graphyte has partnered with igaming display advertising platform Bannerflow to launch a real-time retargeting tool for display advertising. Retarget is a technology that intends to assist operators in closing a perceived gap in the delivery of personalized display content across third-party channels and publishers.

Graphyte – Bannerflow Collab

Both parties claim that early results indicate a potential increase of 98%, with Retarget also being adopted by Entain’s portfolio of gaming brands to surface personalized games to clients while they browse the web.

Graphyte Retarget enables operators to display customized sports and gaming content to their end customers while they browse third-party publishers, such as social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as online media publications, via their display network and media plans.

Quotes from the Press Release

“Our partnership with Bannerflow, the undisputed leader in display ad technology for the gaming vertical, signifies a sea change in the distribution of display ads in the sports and casino sectors,” remarked Damien Evans, Graphyte’s CEO.

“The soft launch has already demonstrated remarkable results in terms of boosting reactivation efforts via display, and we’re thrilled to provide this offering to Graphyte and Bannerflow existing client base.”

“We are ecstatic to bring Retarget to market,” he continued. Although personalized retargeting is the norm in every other major consumer category – ecommerce, travel, and banking – there has been no solution for gambling operators to far, despite retargeting’s effectiveness as a retention and engagement channel.

“With Bannerflow now pushing the bar even higher by giving the industry’s most versatile personalized ad templates, Retarget is a must-have for any large operator.”

“Bannerflow enables advertisers to automate the process of creating engaging, interactive, and high-performing ads, managing data-driven campaign management, and now, in collaboration with Graphyte, increasing relevance even further, resulting in a ROMI far exceeding what has been possible with all-in-one solutions.” Never before has it been so simple to take your marketing to the next level so quickly and with such great results.”



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