Swedish regulator supports return of temporary gambling prohibitions

Swedish regulator supports return of temporary gambling prohibitions

The Swedish gaming regulator or Spelinspektionen states that it has “no concerns” to Sweden reintroducing interim gaming liability restrictions in view of the widespread distribution of COVID-19. According to the Swedish Gaming Authority, the current rapid spread, which prompted the government to implement tougher infection control measures last week, indicates that the circumstances surrounding the initial introduction “are now judged to exist once again.”

Swedish Gaming Regular stance on present restrictions

Despite the fact that the SGA stated that it “had no problems to the government restoring temporary liability measures comparable to those previously in existence during the epidemic,” the SGA stated that it is “too early” to comment on the consequences of each. The restrictions, which began on July 2, 2020, “as a result of the prevailing epidemic,” were set to expire on November 14, 2021.

Along with the termination of the interim measures in November 2021, the Swedish government directed the Spelinspektionen to perform an examination to track and analyze the development of gaming forms and accessibility to the activity in the short and long term. This includes recommending actions to increase consumer protection in the gaming industry in order to “address public health concerns.”

The Spelinspektionen shall deliver a partial report on the first part of the assignment relating to the evaluation of interim gaming responsibility measures no later than March 15, 2022. Finalization of the assignment shall occur no later than October 31, 2023.

Earlier this month, Sweden’s finance minister issued a memorandum requesting the reinstatement, which it claimed would take effect on February 7, 2022, and last until the end of June. They may be introduced only “if deemed necessary in light of the existing situation.”

This includes laws stating that the deposit limit for online casinos cannot exceed SEK 4,000 and that the same loss restriction applies to ATM games. In addition, players would be required to establish time limitations when playing at online casinos and ATMs, with incentives granted by licensees limited to SEK 100.

This prompted BOS, the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling, to urge the country’s government to reconsider its gaming consumer protection measures, after its recommendation against a new deposit limit for online casinos.

Key Quotes from the Press Release

“In a welfare state like Sweden, there must be substantial protection for those who gamble for money,” social insurance minister Ardalan Shekarabi said of the proposed measure.

“That is why we reclaimed control of the gaming business and are reinstalling additional consumer protection now that the risk of compulsive gambling is increasing as a result of the epidemic.”

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