Softswiss’ player retention section hauled 230,000 users in 2021

Softswiss’ player retention section hauled 230,000 users in 2021

According to figures indicating the company’s Managed Services performance from January to December 2021, Softswiss’ player retention division engaged over 230,000 players last year. 

SoftSwiss retention stats

Softswiss has revealed statistics on player engagement, retention, and deposits following the completion of its Managed Services framework and expansion of its list of available services in 2021.

Available to all Softswiss online casino customers, the improvements to Managed Services’ organizational structure were hailed as one of the “most significant highlights” of the company’s development in 2021. Particular emphasis was placed on distinguishing between VIP player support and player retention services. Additionally, a new player reactivation team inside the Managed Services function has been established to reactivate users.

As a result, by the end of 2021, the Managed Services structure would consist of five key teams: first-line help, anti-fraud assistance, VIP player support, player retention, and player reactivation. The first line support crew is said to have handled over 1.5 million talks in the last year, an average of more than 200 chats with players per agent per day. Softswiss emphasized that this figure does not include e-mail.

In addition, statistics indicate that the average customer satisfaction index was 83 percent at the year’s end. By the end of last year, the number of VIP players had climbed sixfold, from 400 in 2020 to over 2,500, with VIP deposits totaling more than €189 million. GGR surged in lockstep, reaching almost €107 million — a nearly 15% increase.

Despite this, there were some positives, as the team was able to get three ICA certificates, which is lauded as one of its year’s “biggest accomplishments.” Softswiss proceeded by stating that the player retention division had engaged over 230,000 players over the last year as a result of “the launch of frequent promotions that educate users about campaigns, new providers, and the latest title launches.”

In December 2021, player conversion via email communications increased to 35%, up 22% in January 2021. In the meantime, the average deposit made by a player was €300. Finally, the newly launched Player Reactivation team – first formed to service a restricted set of operators but now serving a broader client base – closed the year with 6,000 users resuming gaming activity. This equated to a total of €1.75 million in deposits and a 220 percent average return on investment (ROI) per client since 54% of players took use of the bonuses available in conjunction with a guarantee. 

“The year 2021 was a watershed moment for all Managed Services teams,” Artyom Rudakov, deputy head of managed services, highlighted. “The growth in the number of clients using the Softswiss online casino platform has directly impacted the number of players and operators with whom we contact.”

Anti-Fraud Team Report

On a more somber note, in 2021, the Softswiss anti-fraud team seized over €14 million and got 40,500 additional requests for fraud prevention assistance from clients, an increase of 40% and 35%, respectively.

“One of the significant accomplishments of 2021 was completing the Managed Services team structure,” stated Vitali Matsukevich, Softswiss’s head of managed services. “We’ve identified five different teams that are accountable for critical aspects of player work.

“We have a firm grasp of how to build work in the B2C market as a result of our experience.” This assists in resolving difficulties more quickly and increases player loyalty, all of which have a direct impact on a casino’s financial performance.”

“Unfortunately, this is reflected in the data on questionable activity, which we regularly monitor,” Rudakov concluded. “To retain the best level of service for which our clients value us, the Managed Services team has grown several times in size throughout 2021. As a result, our clients may rest assured that their athletes are safe.”

“Our primary objective for 2021 was to give the industry’s greatest business-to-consumer (B2C) service. I believe we’ve accomplished our objective! The analytics indicate that we are progressing in the correct path and the comments from our clients and players. Our success among competitors was due to a more targeted approach to players, department segmentation, and team enlargement,” Matsukevich stated.

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