Macau’s Chief, Chan, Seeks Clarification for Specific ‘Terminology’ for Reforms

Macau’s Chief, Chan, Seeks Clarification for Specific ‘Terminology’ for Reforms

The gambling reforms launched by the Legislative Assembly of Macau earlier in February are amid unexpected controversies! Chief Chan’s specially appointed executive committee is already reviewing the changes.

Macau’s chief, Chan, seeks clarification for specific ‘terminology’ used while making the reforms.

In referring to casino operators, the draft uses challenging phrases like ‘national security a much used Chinese propaganda to impose “one country, two systems.” This has led Chan to seek further clarification on the criteria to determine the violation of law by the casino operator or Casino sites.

Reviewing Macau Gambling Laws

The committee, in reviewing the extensive changes that were introduced to the reform laws, sought clarification for the following changes:

 “Based on comments made by Chan Chak Mo yesterday to the press, a casino operator could lose its license if it is found to be a threat to national security. Chan is the committee president reviewing the bill and wants clarification on what the section means.”

The specific clarification sought by the committee was about the use of the term ‘threats to national security when casino operators failed to meet contractual obligations. Though penalizing operators for non-compliance with contractual needs, the term ‘national security’ has raised many concerns.

Indicators of China’s growing role in Macau

Analysts believe that the terms used indicate China’s growing involvement in the everyday actions and activities of the Macau government.

Parallels can be drawn to how the Chinese government began to involve itself with policy-making in Hong Kong previously, promulgating its ‘One country, two systems’ policies.

The reference to ‘national’ security instead of ‘city’ is at the heart of the issue for Macau’s gambling industry. This confusion caused by the ‘language’ used is about being “one-sided.” The law proposes that the city has the right to force out the casino operator if it does not receive approval for a new concession.

The concession is issued as a one-time approval of the new gambling laws. The application is for the renewal, which expires in 10 years.

Seeking Clarifications

Chan and the committee are reviewing the changes and preparing queries and suggestions to forward to the government in the next few weeks. The purpose of the review is to make sure that they have clarifications on the current doubts and legislative assembly can formulate the laws for the final reading and approval, likely by June 26th.

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