Brazil Poised To Legitimize Gambling After 80-Year Break

Brazil Poised To Legitimize Gambling After 80-Year Break

The games-of-chance could be legal again in Brazil if the Senate approves the current Bill seeking legitimization of gambling. The House already approves the Bill of Representatives at the Brazil Congress, 246:202 votes.

When approval arrives from the Senate, Brazil will once again have legitimate gambling hot spots after nearly eight decades!

Repeal of 1946 Gambling Law Prohibition       

The current Bill approves the repeal of a 1946 law prohibiting gambling in Brazil. The punishment for not abiding with the prohibitory law was three months to a year in prison and fines.

Representative Herculano Passos said,

An integrated resort casino will provide the world conventions that will bring foreign tourists. In these casinos, for sure, will be commerce, shopping centers, musical events, and sporting events. This will attract a huge tourism chain generating development.”

New Beginnings

The new Bill may see resorts offering casinos within the leisure complexes. But certain features would be compulsory, like 100 high-end hotel rooms, bars, shopping centers, meeting places and restaurants.

The Bill also proposes that in states with over 25 million population, three casinos can operate, and two casinos for 15-25 million population. While one Casino where the population is less than 15 million.

The biggest winner could be Sao Paulo, with three casinos per the above mandate. In addition, two casinos can be operated in Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, as per the latest population statistics.

Fees for Bingo operators have been priced the US $3,898, while Online operators will have to pay US $116,940 per license.

Some Opposition to the repeal

Though political trends show that the Bill is most likely to be approved, several sections oppose the Bill. Chief of such protestors is Evangelicals, Catholics, who consider the Gambling Bill a “disaster for Brazilian families.”

New Bill will help revive infrastructure in cities

Despite the protests, the government believes the approval will help in improving the infrastructure of the country’s cities. Besides, it will also help create a regulatory agency that the Ministry of Economy will control to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

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