Virginia Casino workers Favor One Casino Referendum Delay

Virginia Casino workers Favor One Casino Referendum Delay

The latest dictum by the Senate to delay the new Casino, called the One Casino, in the Richmond area is supported by Casino workers from across the state of Virginia. The worker community is represented by the Unite Here Local 25. One Casino has been in the planning stage since 2021 and faces opposition and delays. The first was a failed proposal in the Senate, followed by the current need to revive the referendum in January 2022.

The Union is concerned about the claims of the new Casino to offer 1,500 jobs in the Richmond and Virginia areas.

Nov 2023 delay referendum

The latest amendment meeting of the Virginia Senate budget will be further deferred until November of 2023.

One Casino, which Urban One supports, has promised to offer jobs to casino workers around this area by offering a substantial number of openings, numbering 1,500.

On the contrary, the Union feels that the Casino’s jobs will be of shallow quality. They also believe the base pay will be meager and minimal benefits. They are doubtful about the sustainability factors of these openings.

Demand is for Better Wages and Benefits

The workers union states that the current economic factors have created better-paying casino jobs. However, if the new casinos operate in this region, they need to carry more than the promise of good jobs. They will have to match the downturn created by the Pandemic. As the Political Director of Unite Here Local 25, Sam Epps, comments:

“With skyrocketing costs of living and our recovery from the pandemic underway, casino workers in Virginia need jobs that pay good wages and benefits.”  

The mission of the Union is to provide a workplace environment in this area by strongly supporting the state and local revenue issues due to the economic downturn. The idea is to build equitable development as well as high-quality jobs.

Epps continued:

“We are workers disproportionately affected by income inequality and bad jobs. Workers need to understand how they will benefit from new casino development before it moves forward.”

The opposition to the opening of One Casino comes despite being backed by Urban One. This is a very dominant media company that black Americans back continues to oppose because the new project shall not be able to champion the cause of “equality.”

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