Crypto Casino: releases guidelines on bitcoin deposit

Crypto Casino: releases guidelines on bitcoin deposit

The majority of large cryptocurrency casinos have simplified depositing and withdrawing using Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, first-time users may find the process a little confusing. How do you send digital money from your online wallet to a casino without involving a bank transfer or another financial authority? Fortunately, there is no reason to panic. To learn more and get started, simply refer to our guide to depositing and withdrawing at Bitcoin casinos.

Know the Basics First

It is critical, to begin with, the fundamentals. For instance, let us assume that you already have a cryptocurrency wallet and the required coin stored within it. If not, make sure to read our guidelines on how to get started on this step.

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Study the Precise Details

Once you’re outfitted with cryptocurrency and a wallet, it’s time to get into some further specifics. Proceed to the casino where you intend to play. To begin, verify if they accept your preferred cryptocurrency. Then, make a beeline for the cashier section. You’d like to find a site with reasonable deposit and withdrawal limits, reasonable fees (if any), and quick transaction times in an ideal world. It is always good to perform this step before committing to a cryptocurrency casino.

Making a Deposit in a Bitcoin Casino

At Bovada, they are continually looking for new deposit methods to guarantee that players have as many options as possible to stay in the game. Further, they are expanding offering cryptocurrency alternatives, which are the most secure method of funding any account. Users may see the following cryptocurrency options on their deposit page, depending on their account eligibility:

How do I begin investing in cryptocurrency?

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, allow us to walk you through the process of making your first deposit in five simple steps. The steps required to get started will be the same regardless of which cryptocurrency you choose. If you’re already a cryptocurrency user, proceed to Step 5 to learn how to fund your Bovada account. For eligible gamers, follow these procedures with Bitcoin SV or Litecoin to make crypto deposits even faster and more secure.

STEP 1: Create and open a Bitcoin Digital Wallet. A wallet is a storage location for your cryptocurrency that allows easy depositing directly to Bovada.

STEP 2: Configure/open an Exchange Account. CryptoVantage has a list of suggested exchanges.

STEP 3: Using your freshly formed Exchange Account, purchase cryptocurrency. You can link your debit card to your exchange if you choose.

STEP 4: In three simple steps, transfer cryptocurrency to your Bitcoin Digital Wallet.

  1. From within your Exchange Account, select ‘Withdraw’ or ‘Send’ from within your Exchange Account.
  2. Paste/scan the Digital Wallet address for your cryptocurrency into the field given.
  3. In your Bitcoin Digital Wallet, click ‘Receive.’

Note: Before initiating a new cryptocurrency deposit, ensure that you construct a unique wallet address.

STEP 5: Transfer your cryptocurrency to Bovada.


  1. Always verify the cryptocurrency you are sending before transferring it since they are NOT interchangeable (Ex. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not the same currency). Sending one cryptocurrency to the address of another cryptocurrency will result in a loss of funds.
  2. If you are not utilizing the QR code, verify that you copy the generated address precisely as stated. A wrong address can result in the loss of cash.
  3. Bovada does not charge fees for deposits made with BTC, BSV, BCH, or LTC; however, the wallet provider may impose marginal costs. Typically, these fees are less than $1.00USD.
  4. When depositing with BTC, BSV, BCH, ETH, or LTC, we require one confirmation on the Blockchain before posting the funds to your account; if the funds are not published after one confirmation, the transaction will require a minimum of six confirmations before being posted to your account – on average, this takes approximately 15 minutes, but may take longer during periods of high network congestion. It is recommended Bitcoin SV and Litecoin for speedier cryptocurrency transactions.
  5. Before any profits can be withdrawn, all deposits must be wagered completely. If you do not meet this condition, your withdrawal may be canceled, and monies returned to your account balance at the discretion of our Withdrawals Team.



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