DraftKings Increases NFT Digital Collectibles

DraftKings Increases NFT Digital Collectibles

The move to edgy-online gaming grew to be even savvier, with DraftKings announcing “Primetime NFT Series” to match the March Madness. It will offer these digital collectibles on DraftKings Marketplace for the first time.

Collectors to win scaling rewards 

According to a press statement, “… In recognition of the biggest sports events that captivate fans during the year, DraftKings Marketplace has introduced the Primetime NFT Series as digital collectibles.” 

The purpose of this offering is to deepen the player’s engagement. The reward will be collected as part of “DraftKings rewarding moments.”

First Drop

The first drop will be the 2022 College Hoops Collection in this series. This will be synchronized with March Madness or the NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

This will be the company’s first in-house NFT release on the marketplace. The drops are programmed for “for key moments” that occur across the event.

Co-found and President of DraftKings, Matt Kalish, shared that the biggest sports event in the United States shall now have new online gaming power with the launch of the NFT. These will be embedded in the biggest’ moments’ of the sport. Additionally, the Primetime NFT Series shall focus on further user engagement and provide rewards to gaming offerings. 

College Hoops Collectors

It is party-time for Collectors holding all editions of the Hoops Collection for 2022. The NFT offering will be a ninth offering that will reward the collectors of the earlier eight editions. 

This will also be a collection’s starting point to access the next Primetime NFT Series drop. Every drop will make them eligible to collect DK Dollars receive site credits, and gameplay in any DK sports entertainment and gaming ecosystem.    

For the company, “this launch also follows several Web3 initiatives from DraftKings over the past year including an upcoming NFT-based game.” These are opportunities being considered along with the NFL Players Association to convert the entire validation for the Polygon blockchain.

The first offerings in NFT format for DraftKings were in August when it dropped  NFT of legend Tom Brady.  

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