Wild Casino 3D Slot: Chariots of Fire Puts Simple Elements on Display

Wild Casino 3D Slot: Chariots of Fire Puts Simple Elements on Display

Rival Gaming, a company that prides itself on ‘keeping it simple,’ has provided us with yet another straightforward slot machine in the form of the Chariots of Fire video slot. 

As for the term “basic,” it does not imply a low level of quality, as no game has ever been developed by the company that would be referred to as such. What we’re talking about here is how simple it is to play the win lines and how varied the reels appear to be.

However, while we are fans of simplicity, we understand that some players may want more for their money, which is why we’ll be honest with you and tell you that this online slot has a low volatility. Assuming that those who are still alive are serious about participating in the play for real money version of this game, we’ll proceed with our review and get to the payout information.

Financial gain is limited in this game due to the fact that there aren’t any high-paying immediate awards available, and the interface is of the low-limit sort. In spite of this, big rollers have been cultivated from lower-level players, and we shouldn’t abandon the pay table just yet.

In the Name of Victory!

If you want to be able to trigger the free spins, the lead Roman soldier is the icon you’ll want to look for. The free spins are undoubtedly the most entertaining feature of this game, as it allows you to win more money. According to our previous experience, obtaining such a bonus should not be too difficult because the volatility does not appear to be that high; but, because the return to player (RTP) is unknown, we cannot guarantee that all gamblers will have the same experience. If you manage to get the icons on the relevant reels, you’ll be granted 8 free spins, with each of them adding an x2 multiplier to any winnings you receive. As previously stated, this isn’t a high-value game in which you may amass a large number of coins, but rather a gentle step on the path to becoming richer over time. If you’re a regular on the online gambling scene, you’ll definitely be familiar with the way things work and the fact that huge windfalls only occur once in a blue moon.

The Eyes Have it All

Contrary to popular belief, our subheading relates to the 3D graphics of the free Chariots of Fire slot machine, rather than to an alternate title (which we’ll discuss more below). The reason we’re focusing so much attention on the characters’ eyes is because they appear to be dead and piercing; a new slot shouldn’t appear to be so unfinished in comparison. Rival are reputed to be well-known for their visual style, but we can’t imagine anyone being impressed by what they’ve been provided with.

Despite the fact that the symbols flicker with movement, the visuals are a little rough around the edges, which may be irritating to certain real money players, if not downright unnerving to others. We are quite aware that we did. Knowing what Rival Gaming is capable of developing from their other online casino activities, we’re perplexed as to why they choose to proceed with such a sluggish approach in this area of their development. Hopefully, you will be able to look past the appearances of this Ancient Rome-themed slot machine, since if you are unable to, you will find it difficult to continue playing.

Final Verdict 

The Chariots of Fire slot machine can be played on your computer or mobile device. Because the game is mobile-friendly, all of the tools and visuals have been resized to fit the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Regardless of the gaming platform you prefer, you’ll experience the excitement of slots competition as you complete paylines, compete for free spins rounds, and play the bonus game to increase your prizes. You can increase your winnings even more by taking advantage of the casino’s promotional giveaways. Players are given additional bonuses by the casino, which allows them to enhance their winnings by using casino presents. These include Welcome Bonuses for new players, Loyalty and Rewards points for long-time players, birthday bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, daily specials, and other promotions and incentives. When you play the Chariot of Fire slot machine, you’ll be taken on a high-octane casino trip filled with fun, excitement, and the chance to win real money. This slot is available at Wild Casino.


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