New Hampshire Ocean Gaming Casino First to Offer Exacta’s HHR

New Hampshire Ocean Gaming Casino First to Offer Exacta’s HHR

Exacta Systems, a company that specializes in the development of gaming technology for horse racing betting, made an announcement today regarding the debut of their historical horse racing (HHR) system in the state of New Hampshire via Ocean Gaming Casino.

Exacta Systems

Enlarging Ocean Casino’s Gaming Floor

At the Ocean Gaming Casino in Hampton, which is in the process of significantly expanding its gaming floor with the addition of cabinets featuring IGT, AGS, and IntuCode, Exacta Systems will initially deploy fifty HHR terminals. This comes as the casino prepares for the arrival of the new gaming cabinets. The chief executive officer and president of Exacta Systems, Jeremy Stein, described the excitement that exists within the company to “bring this exciting style of gaming to New Hampshire.” He pointed to the launch as the most recent evidence of the company’s commitment to HHR and the New Hampshire market.

They are able to give clients a wide variety of gaming content to choose from because we provide our customers with our adaptable technology, which is known as Exacta Connect. Exacta’s customers have grown to expect a high level of support from the company, and now that the company has an office in Manchester, Exacta is prepared to provide that support. Exacta Systems is the market leader in both the historical horse racing technology market and the central determinate technology market. The company’s Exacta Connect product is a “build once, deploy many” type of regulatory approved system, and it enables the company to deliver exciting and engaging games to various central determinate market segments.

Also commenting on the announcement, Ocean Gaming Casino owner Anthony Fusco outlined how great a partner Exacta System has been to date. Exacta System has been working in collaboration with the casino and the New Hampshire Lottery “to ensure compliant and responsible expansion of charitable gaming,” Fusco said. As is the case with all other forms of charitable gambling in the state, the tax money generated by HHR operations is donated to the New Hampshire Education Trust Fund and other local charitable organizations. However, the Ocean Gaming Casino continues to maintain its position as the most popular location in the state for charitable gambling.

Increasing HHR’s Role in the World

Exacta Systems has been quite busy so far in 2022 as the technology supplier has engaged into numerous significant strategic alliances to improve the marketability of its HHR system. Exacta Systems and Everi Holdings came to an agreement in January that will allow award-winning gaming content and cabinets from Everi Holdings to be played on the HHR platform developed by Exacta Systems. In February, the horse racing gaming technology supplier expanded its catalog of game titles for the HHR facilities by signing a License IP Agreement with Aurify Gaming, which is situated in Georgia and specializes in the development of gaming technology. Exacta Systems signed a similar License IP Agreement with Sega Sammy Creation in March. Sega Sammy Creation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings, and the purpose of the agreement was to bring the popular game content of the Japanese gaming technology company to Exacta Systems’ industry-leading HHR library in order to further improve the offering of the library.


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