Esports Betting: Bayes Esports gets financial backing from Las Vegas Sands

Esports Betting: Bayes Esports gets financial backing from Las Vegas Sands

Bayes Esports, a startup that provides statistics for competitive gaming tailored for e-sports betting, has successfully concluded a new fundraising round with a total amount of 6 million euros ($6.3 million), led by resort and real-money casino giant Las Vegas Sands. 

The investment round is illustrative of the company’s prominence and significance within the esports ecosystem, with Bayes Esports being the primary contributor to the vertical’s enormous value.

LVS Provides Additional Financing to Bayes Esports

The business has set its sights on a more ambitious 2022 goal, with Bayes seeking to achieve €20 million ($20.90 million), which would be the equivalent of raising double the amount it raised in 2021. 

Alongside Las Vegas Sands, a number of other significant investors from the business participated in the funding round, one of which was Bitkraft, an additional major investment in the esports sector. 

Bayes Esports has proven itself to be one of the most advanced data companies in the industry, catering to betting agencies, leagues, and game publishers. 

Over the past few years, esports has emerged as a prominent activity, and Bayes Esports has emerged as one of the most prominent data companies in the industry. Bayes should receive adequate funds from the next round to continue increasing its teams of highly-trained experts if it is successful in raising additional capital. 

Martin Dachselt, CEO and managing director of Bayes Esports, made the following statement in response to the move: “The company is looking for more strategic investors who would be willing to help the company on its mission to “professionalize” the esports ecosystem.” Bayes Esports is currently looking for investors.

Companies Should Pay Attention to Real-Time Esports Data


In addition, he mentioned that in order for esports to reach the level of success that it is capable of, it would require long-term growth as well as supportive shareholders. Bayes has previously provided cutting-edge data solutions for a variety of businesses, including Riot Games and ESL, two of the company’s most important partners. Together with DOJO Madness, Sportradar has launched a new company called Bayes Esports with the goal of improving the overall esports experience by better contextualizing the available data. In the same way that traditional sports betting can be a game-changer for bookies involved in esports, Dachselt has been an ardent proponent of the idea that businesses should have access to a greater quantity of real-time data.


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