Iowa Sports Betting: Smarkets Eyes Market Entry Into New US State 

Iowa Sports Betting: Smarkets Eyes Market Entry Into New US State 

Smarkets has made the announcement that it would be establishing a presence in the Iowa sports betting market next month.

Affinity Interactive will be the company that is in charge of powering the online sports betting platform, and there is currently no concrete launch date planned. In 2019, SBK announced the debut of Smarkets, and the Centennial State was the first location where it began operations.


Smarkets Looks To Expand Further

Meanwhile, Smarkets should also be opening in the state of Indiana, and it is anticipated that this will occur before the debut date in the state of Iowa. Trost has said that bringing the platform “home,” in reference to his own domicile in the state, is a significant milestone not just for him personally, but also for the organization as a whole. He is certain that gamblers in his state would value the sophisticated market-leading odds and goods that SBK provides to customers via the Smarkets platform. Affinity Interactive is a significant local partner in Iowa, in addition to having connections in other regions around the country. Because Affinity is already established in Missouri and Nevada, these states are considered possible future expansion locations for Smarkets. Affinity Gaming operates eight casinos and is developing online betting services that mix interactive gaming and sports betting on a single platform. Affinity’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Beth Higgins, shared Smarkets’ enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the company’s expansion into yet another area.

Iowa Sports Betting Market is Growing Well

She expressed her appreciation for SBK’s efforts and said that Affinity was pleased to be of assistance in expanding the product into additional jurisdictions. Since the launch of Iowa sports betting market, it has resulted in consistent tax revenue and a robust betting handle. There has been no lack of high-quality bookmakers opening shops in the state. Because of the huge potential revenue of clients in the state, businesses such as Bally’s Corporation, Caesars Sportsbooks, BetMGM, and BetRivers have all opened locations there. The state also has a relatively modest yearly charge for license and renewal, which makes it easy for top operators to do their business in the state.



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