A Nevada Committee Finalized Expansion Regulations for Esports

A Nevada Committee Finalized Expansion Regulations for Esports

Esports Betting

The Esports Technical Advisory Committee was responsible for expanding the Nevada gaming market to include esports betting, and the expansion is now one step closer to completion.

Nevada has been attempting to get ahead of the esports trend for quite some time. Esports has been growing in popularity at a rate never previously seen in human history. 

The most significant change is the shift from a per-league to a per-event format.

The regulations were transmitted to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and the Nevada Gaming Commission will provide final approval.

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Finalized Regulation Proposals

Monday was the last day for the Esports Technical Advisory Committee (ETAC) to vote on the proposed regulations to expand esports betting in Nevada. 

The laws were effectively passed, ending an exhaustive period of due diligence and evaluation. This implies that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) must receive the documents by the end of the year and then examine them.

 If all goes well, Nevada’s regulatory agency, the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), might authorize and regulate esports betting in 2023.

As it is, esports wagering has been quite burdensome, as sportsbooks have been required to obtain individual approval in order to accept esports wages. 

This will change under the new rules, allowing operators to determine in advance whether events are eligible for esports wagering. If adopted, the regulations will also permit the marketing of the events.

This was the only significant modification ETAC made during the brief conference, transitioning from a per-league to an event-based one. During ETAC’s September 21 meeting, a unified definition of what constitutes an esports league was presented despite some problems in achieving a consensus. 

This would essentially mean that esports wagering would be conducted in the same manner as regular sports betting — by putting bets on the esports event at hand.

Required Approval by Regulators

ETAC was established in 2021 as the first significant step in Nevada’s goal to extend its gambling ecosystem with the introduction of esports betting. The initial version of Bill 165, which legalized esports betting in the state, called for the establishment of a new regulating organization. Many operators would have been required to apply for an esports license with a different entity, which was not well accepted, leading to the replacement of the proposed regulatory agency with the ETAC.

For this reason, the NGCB and subsequently the NGC must approve ETAC’s proposal before it can be approved. In this manner, all regulation occurs at a single location, which is convenient for operators, while a specialized body can still provide its knowledge when necessary, hence facilitating the development side of the process.

While this has addressed some of the operators’ concerns and set a framework for the internal path regulations, there is an additional organizational procedure that must be developed. ETAC has not yet started how it will continue to advise the NGCB in the future, which is likely why the previous meeting was so brief. This would necessitate additional deliberation and development, which may occur at the start of next year if the NGC grants final approval to the draught regulations at hand.

After initial licensing, the final version of Regulation 22 established recordkeeping and notice requirements, as well as the Board Chair’s authority to approve, suspend, or revoke an operator’s decision to allow per-event esports betting. If the Board or the Commission’s feedback necessitates it, this document may require additional revisions.

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