Increased Payouts for New Jersey Bettors through Prophet Exchange

Increased Payouts for New Jersey Bettors through Prophet Exchange

Prophet Sports Betting

Prophet Exchange, a peer-to-peer sports betting exchange situated in New Jersey, has released a new report detailing its performance throughout the first seven weeks of the 2022 NFL season.

The peer-to-peer betting exchange compared its payouts to those of traditional sportsbooks to demonstrate that it would pay wagering participants more.

The CEO of Prophet Exchange, Dean Sisun, remarks on the matter.


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Peer-To-Peer Sports Betting Exchange Offers Bigger Payouts

In its most recent report, Prophet Exchange revealed that its pricing and odds for the NFL season were superior to those of regular Nevada sportsbooks. 

According to the company’s most recent report, a bettor who utilized its peer-to-peer sports betting exchange and staked $100 every week on the Jets money line since the beginning of the NFL season would have earned $713. 

This is a much more successful conclusion than if the same amount had been wagered at a typical sportsbook, which would have returned only $646.

Moreover, according to the firm, a bettor who wagered on the Philadelphia Eagles would have earned 10.9% more through the peer-to-peer sports betting exchange than through traditional sportsbooks. 

Similarly, according to Prophet Exchange, $100 wagered weekly on the Giants money line since the beginning of the season would have yielded $987. Comparing the peer-to-peer exchange platform to a typical sportsbook that would pay $906 for the identical wager, the peer-to-peer exchange platform would have paid 8.94% more profit.

During the first seven weeks of the 2022 NFL season, Prophet Exchange, a New Jersey-based peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, delivered superior pricing and odds than traditional sportsbooks, based on the average prices and odds offered by New Jersey-based sports wagering providers.

Enabling Users to Establish Prices set by Other Strategies

Prophet Exchange is the first peer-to-peer operator of its sort in the United States. This indicates that the corporation works as a middleman. 

According to the business, this strategy is risk-free and “enables users to establish prices or wager on prices set by other users.” In addition to NFL games, Prophet Exchange covers NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA football and basketball contests. 

Additionally, the platform pledged to continue expanding its services and adding other sports. Currently, the peer-to-peer sports betting platform is accessible via web, Android, and iOS devices in New Jersey.

Dean Sisun, the CEO of Prophet Exchange, stated that the company is thrilled to see greater payments on the peer-to-peer sports betting platform. 

He continued, “By wagering each week on these teams, they not only walk away with a larger profit, but also the assurance that itspeer-to-peer betting tactics are effective.” Last but not least, Sisun judged the performance of Prophet Exchange to be a win-win and disclosed that the platform provided sports bettors in New Jersey with an abundance of enthusiasm.


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