The North Dakota Senate Voted Against a Proposal to Exclude Schools from Sports Betting

The North Dakota Senate Voted Against a Proposal to Exclude Schools from Sports Betting

North Dakota sports betting

The Senate of North Dakota voted against removing educational institutions from a measure that would authorize sports betting.

Sen. Larry Luick’s amendment to exclude universities, colleges, and high schools from House Concurrent Resolution 3002 failed by one vote, 24 to 23, earlier this week, according to KX News.

Modifications to the Language of the Resolution

This indicates that the Senate will vote on the language of the resolution as it was initially delivered. The goal of this resolution is to place on the ballot in November 2024 a constitutional amendment that would legalize professional sports betting in North Dakota.

The amendment proposed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday would have replaced the term “must” with “may” in the legislative authorization of sports betting. The identical amendment would have added “to be done on professional sports” to the text. This would have helped ensure that sports betting was not permitted on educational institution grounds.

Sen. Larry Luick, R-District 25, Fairmount, discussed “severe difficulties with mental health concerns” among college, university, and high school athletes. He emphasized issues such as anxiety, depression, and mental tiredness, describing them as “intensifying.”Senator also discussed how permitting gambling in schools would inevitably lead to financial difficulties for students living on campuses where sports betting is permitted.

Gambling on Certain Players Would Have an Effect on Players

Sen. Luick also addressed the issue of players who, depending on the wagers put on them, may be influenced by social media to act in a particular manner on the field. Referring to prop bets, which are side bets on sporting events that could have a negative impact on athletes in North Dakota, Senator Luick used the example of individuals harassing athletes and their families to affect the outcome of an upcoming match.

Sen. Scott Meyer, R-Dist. 18, Grand Forks, commented on the absence of a clear reference to high school or collegiate athletics in Resolution 3002, explaining the significance of maintaining a clean constitution.Greg Stemen sent House Concurrent Resolution 3002 to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration at the beginning of the year.

The Senate is the upper body of the Legislative Assembly in North Dakota, and it is smaller than the House of Representatives. Residents of North Dakota will have the last say on whether or not sports betting outside of tribal casinos will be legalized in their state.

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