Nevada Gaming Commission Gives Nod for Entry of Underage Participants in Fundraising Lotteries

Nevada Gaming Commission Gives Nod for Entry of Underage Participants in Fundraising Lotteries

The week before Halloween is proving to be a case study in gaming regulation controversy for Nevada. After refusing to clamp down on sports to kill activities like coyote killings, the state gaming regulator allowed underage youth to participate in fundraising lotteries.

Underage lottery exposure

The Nevada Gaming Commission will now allow young people under 18 years of age to participate in fundraising lotteries if they do not constitute any cash prizes. The commissioners unanimously approved the decision. The decision will make amendments to existing regulations on games and charitable lotteries dependent on a May legislation.

Nevada Gaming Commission Gives Nod for Entry of Underage Participants in Fundraising Lotteries

The controversy around the decision has now finally started piling up, and a host of organizations have opposed the idea of letting underage youths participate in lotteries. Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited have shared their concerns on the subject and said that a broad interpretation of the regulations stops young people from selling fundraising tickets. They are also banned from participating in programs made by sponsoring organizations. After a compromise, the regulator said that it would ban underage people for participating in those charitable lotteries that offer a cash prize.

What do the new rules suggest?

All organizations willing to run a lottery must first register with the Gaming Commission. These organizations must not sell tickets outside of Nevada and must ensure that no people under the age of 18 participate in the event. For games involving bingo, blackjack, and poker, the age limit has been raised to 21.

Interestingly, the National Center for Responsible Gaming has not opposed the rules related to age. However, they have urged the Nevada regulators to ensure that they don’t keep the age lower than 18.

The Gaming Commission of the state sparked another controversy this week when it refused to crack down on coyote killings and other similar sports for the kill. Several animal rights activists and organizations came forward to criticize the Commission’s decision. They said that the commission is not taking enough steps to fulfill its responsibilities and doing whatever they can to ensure they get the maximum possible fundraisers, even as it comes at the cost of animal cruelty.

The decision to allow underage lottery participation could also get some heat from across the state, especially awareness for gambling increases. Prevention of gambling-related harm and the Commission’s role in conservation could be targeted in the days to come.

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