Las Vegas Casinos Will Allow You to Click Pictures at Gaming Tables

Las Vegas Casinos Will Allow You to Click Pictures at Gaming Tables

Gambling properties in Las Vegas are taking a unique turn away from their traditional norms. Now, casinos will allow users to click pictures while playing slot machines or at a gaming table.

No problem with the camera

Historically, Vegas properties have been averse to photography within their premises. If you don’t see hundreds of people posting weird selfies playing slots in a Vegas casino on Instagram, this is the reason. With changing times and tough competition ahead, these casinos are changing their rules. The reason- advertising.

Las Vegas Casinos Will Allow You to Click Pictures at Gaming Tables

Vice president of table games at The Stratosphere, Brian Stanton said that they now allow users to click pictures. He added, “We want our guests to have fun playing table games. If part of that fun is taking a photo to capture that moment, we welcome it.” The casino’s social media account @Stratvegas is using the hashtag #STRATelfie to encourage users to click pictures on craps, blackjack and roulette tables.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Four Queens Resort and Casino in Downton Vegas frequently adopt this policy. It allows patrons to click pictures of their property and share them with their friends. However, videos are still not allowed. The operator has also put a brass sign outside its wall encouraging users to click pictures in their premises. Summerlin’s Rampart Casino also allows users to click selfies as long as they are bothering other guests.

Not all casinos want to change

It will be a long time before other major casinos in the region permit their venues to be pictured. MGM Grand, Bellagio, Aria, MGM Resorts, Mirage, and Mandalay Bay allow selfies but not in the gaming area. MGM spokesperson Stacy Hamilton said,

“We typically don’t allow photography at our table games to avoid disrupting other players.”

Caesar’s properties in Vegas- Flamingo, Harrah’s, Linq, The Cromwell, and Caesars Palace also don’t allow filming during table games.

Casino owners suggest that filming will not just disturb other players but also disrupt matches and compromise security. Strat, that is taking to social media to promote its casino via selfies, doesn’t allow live streaming or video capturing in gaming areas. While it not explicitly illegal to film inside a casino or take pictures, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has not designed specific regulations that address this issue. Board spokesman Michael Lawton said that casinos are free to create their own rules within their premises.

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