Federal MP Andrew Wilkie Proposes the Need for a Royal Commission for Gambling

Federal MP Andrew Wilkie Proposes the Need for a Royal Commission for Gambling

Australian federal MP Andrew Wilkie recently called for a royal commission for gambling in the country. Reverend Tim Costello supported these demands. The calls come after ABC revealed that the largest sports betting agencies in the country are using different tactics to stifle competition.

What do they propose?

A recent ABC news report suggests that large gambling companies are using different algorithms, delaying tactics, etc. to increase their profits and to destroy market competition. Wilkie said that gamblers use these websites in “good faith” and assume that they are being treated to fair and honest games. He added,

“if this allegation is correct, then gamblers are being cheated. Not only should we have a royal commission very broadly into gambling generally, including casinos, of course, but now into sports betting as well.”

Federal MP Andrew Wilkie Proposes the Need for a Royal Commission for Gambling

Wilkie had previously made similar demands when a whistleblower revealed wrongdoings at Crown’s Melbourne casino. He showed CCTV footage and alleged that high rollers from foreign countries often avoid inspections by the customs departments and end up exchange large stacks of cash at the Melbourne property.

The MP said that the picture is very clear when it comes to the gambling industry and called the situation “pretty rotten.” He added that a nationwide enquiry into the industry should include all aspects of gambling, including sports gambling.

Costello also demands new inquiries

As the chief advocate for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Reverend Costello said that “piecemeal” inquiries are not enough for the industry. He told ABC that bringing a royal commission to investigate the industry is essential to highlight its problems. Costello added that the government will not act to reform the gambling policies in the country because of political donations from the industry. He said that only the royal commission will be able to inquire into the industry. He also highlighted that Australians make the biggest gambling losses per head in the world.

The ABC report that has shaken the gambling industry to its core comes after James Poppleton, a former customer account supervisor at bet365 revealed the company’s predatory policies. He said that the company doesn’t let the users win. Those who win are eventually stopped and those that lose on the platform are constantly exploited. The platform has developed cheating techniques to ensure that the odds are always in the house’s favor. The algorithms are designed to induce more gambling from losers while winners are restricted from betting bigger amounts.

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