Top 3 Gaming Markets Hit $92 Billion Revenue in 2019

Top 3 Gaming Markets Hit $92 Billion Revenue in 2019

The global gaming industry has maintained its strong growth trend over the last twelve months. According to research, the three leading gaming markets in the world will end 2019 with more than $92 billion in total revenue. As the largest video games market globally, the United States generated more than a third of that amount.

U.S. Gaming Market Reaches $36.87 Billion Profit in 2019

Video gaming is one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries in the United States. As the largest gaming market globally, the U.S. generated $36.87 billion in revenue in 2019. The significant increase in the overall U.S. gaming profit is predominantly driven by its +13.9% growth in console game revenues. With $18.5 income, console represents more than 50% of the total games market in the United States.

With a slight difference and $36.54 billion profit, China is the second-largest gaming industry in the world. Still, the Chinese market has been affected by the consequences of measures to reduce screen time among children, and nine-month licensing freeze on new games. Japan ranked third on the global list of dominating gaming markets with $18.95 billion in revenue.

Top 10 Gaming Markets Generate Nearly $120 Billion Revenue in 2019

The statistics show that the ten leading gaming markets in the world generated more than $120 billion in profit in 2019. The Republic of Korea, Germany, and the United Kingdom took the fourth, fifth and sixth place on the global gaming markets list, making $17.8 billion in combined revenue. With more than $12 billion combined profit, France, Canada, Spain, and Italy also ranked on the top 10 gaming markets list. The 2019 data show that the U.S., Korea, and Japan generated more than 75 percent of the top 10 gaming market profits this year.

According to the recent research, the global video games market will continue to rise in the following years. The unified market is expected to reach $138 billion worth by 2021.

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