South Dakota’s Sports Betting Bill Moves Ahead

South Dakota’s Sports Betting Bill Moves Ahead

The Senate Joint Resolution passed the Senate with a 24-10 vote this week, which has helped push South Dakota one step further in legalizing sports betting.

The journey of Senate Joint Resolution

The Senate Joint Resolution 501 was first introduced to the Senate on January 30. Four Democrats and 30 Republicans voted on the favor of the bill. Now, the bill has been sent to the House. If the House also approves the bill, then the state could see sports betting getting legalized by summer 2021.

South Dakota’s Sports Betting Bill Moves Ahead

Deadwood Gaming Association’s executive director Mike Rodman estimated that legalized sports betting could bring $4 million to Deadwood city alone. He said,

“We certainly think it is important to have sports wagering as another tool in our toolbox here in Deadwood, across the county sports wagering is kind of the rage, and we want to have that here to keep Deadwood a competitive destination with other gaming destinations.”

South Dakota’s gambling history

South Dakota permits gambling in its 45 casinos. It has commercial gambling properties alongside tribal venues, with the city of Deadwood being the gambling hub of the state. All permissible casinos can host casino-style poker games, blackjack games, live poker, and host slots. The state also allows bars, clubs and other small businesses to operate slot machines and limited stakes games. Given certain conditions, it also allows race betting and charitable gaming.

However, online gambling is prohibited in the state. Chapter 22025A deals with Internet Gambling talks about accepting money or any valuable things when the payment or delivery of the object is connected with chance. Code 22-25A-9 suggests that each bet placed online will be considered a separate violation of the state’s rules. According to Rodman, illegal betting has already been happening in the state. With the legalization of the industry, people will get a chance to place their wagers legally without fearing any action.

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