Bitcoin Casino Adds EvoPlay’s Dungeon: Immortal Evil

Bitcoin Casino Adds EvoPlay’s Dungeon: Immortal Evil

Bitcoin Casino recently added EvoPlay’s Dungeon: Immortal Evil slot machine to its list of offerings. The game is the first crossover made between a slot game and an RPG.

A unique offering

The game is the first-ever crossover offering from Evoplay that combines the features of an RPG game and a slot machine. The game also comes with upgradable features for both the bestiary and hero. It comes with free spins and also provides big win prizes after Malak. The game can also be played on

Bitcoin Casino Adds EvoPlay’s Dungeon: Immortal Evil

The only issue that users may face with this game is that it doesn’t come with a free play mode for Dungeon Immortal Evil. However, the game comes with unique gameplay. It doesn’t allow you to spin reels up and down. Instead, the user has a great gaming experience as he wanders around the underground dungeon that comes with several dangers and evil creatures. The classic layout of rows and reels is missing in this game, but the extensive gameplay makes up for out.

Is there anything common?

There are some themes that are common in this game and the classic slot games. The game comes with a fun mode and also allows users to play for real money if they like. The value of the coins they get can go from €0.10 to €500. The users are allowed to set the value of the coins depending on their betting strategy.

The Dungeon Immortal Evil Free Play mode allows the users to play the game for free and get demo credits so that they can understand what the gameplay is like. The game also comes with interesting payables. All the symbols used in the game were of hand-drawn demons of the underground. Each of the symbols has special characteristics and ratings which decide the payouts. One such symbol is that of Imp Demon. Each of these symbols can provide you 90 coins when they are killed. The Skeleton provides the lowest payout ratio that provides only 75 coins.

Inferno is the highest paying symbol of them all. It features sharp teeth as well as huge fists. It can damage the hero at 26x. However, the winners still get 180 coins from the battle. Succubus is another powerful demon that provides 110 coins but damages the hero by 21x.

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