Missouri Gets A New Gambling Bill

Missouri Gets A New Gambling Bill

A new gambling bill was recently introduced in the state of Missouri to tackle the rapidly growing number of illegal gambling machines around the state. The new bill could make Missouri the newest state in the gambling-friendly states of the US.

Missouri has always been pro-gambling

Missouri’s laws have always favored gambling and provided a liberal environment for the industry to flourish. This liberal policy has been in place since the 1800s when the state had a relatively successful and large gambling market. However, the state then introduced some harsh policies and regulations on the industry, pushing it underground.

Missouri Gets A New Gambling Bill

In 1980, the state started allowing bingo gambling and then created a regulated offering for riverboat casinos a decade later. The state allows social poker games in private homes but charging to play poker games and playing with unfamiliar people is considered illegal. However, the lawmakers have still adopted a relatively open-minded approach to gambling, even allowing online casinos to operate in the state.

What does the new bill promise?

The new bill, dubbed Senate Bill 566, aims to combat the illegal gambling machine problem. It seeks to allow state-regulated video gambling machines in truck stops, fraternal and veterans’ organizations and retail locations that hold liquor licenses. It suggests that people over the age of 21 should be allowed to access these regulated machines, which will be monitored by the State Lottery Commission.

Some lawmakers are uncomfortable with the idea of these machines. For instance, Senator John Rizzo said that he doesn’t want kids to walk into gas stations, buying Gatorades and passing through these gambling machines. However, the bill’s proponents see major benefits in the bill, suggesting that it would help in increasing the legal gambling revenue of the state.

Another initiative, H 2318, is looking to legalize sports betting in the state. A similar effort has failed in the state during the 2018 legislative session. In 2019 too, a sports betting bill struggled to gain the lawmakers’ attention. However, it seems that H 2318 could gain some traction, thanks to some big political names throwing their weight behind this proposal.

About 20 states have already legalized sports betting in their jurisdiction and Illinois recently accepted its first retail sports bet. Kentucky, which has been lenient on betting but never became a big gambling market, could use this opportunity to grow its revenues and provide a legalized gambling opportunity to the citizens who may flock to other states to place wagers.

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