Neccton and SkillOnNet Release New Tool for Responsible Gaming

Neccton and SkillOnNet Release New Tool for Responsible Gaming

SkillOnNet recently unveiled a set of new responsible gambling tool in partnership with neccton that will be available across its gaming brands. The new tool will use academic research and machine learning to achieve its goals.

Moving against gambling-related harm

Gambling expansion at a rapid rate is making several companies reassess their commitment to protection from gambling-related harm. Many firms are now employing safer gambling mechanisms that could help their customers stay away from addiction and other gambling-related issues. SkillOnNet’s recent partnership with data Science Company Neccton looks like the right step in the right direction.

Neccton and SkillOnNet Release New Tool for Responsible Gaming

The online casino company will launch a Mentor, a new responsible gaming tool. This tool was designed after extensive development with inputs from behavioral scientists, psychologists and a host of other experts. It can track player data and help in detecting risk patterns or changes in behavior among the users. It can also detect signs of problem gambling in the users.

As soon as the system detects problems with some players, it flags them being at risk of gambling-related harm. These players then get useful information presented to them to protect them from harm. All information is tailored for the users and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enable this feature.

Doing things right

The tool follows the “motivational interviewing” approach which was developed by renowned clinical psychologists Stephen Rollnick and William Miller. Using this expert strategy, the system communicates with the players and give useful information to them. Neccton director Micahel Auer said that academic research is one of the most crucial components of their responsible gambling tool. He said that they will continue to leverage the knowledge from experts to make their tool better.

He added,

“Over the last ten years, we have published more studies than anybody else in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming. We have shown what works and what does not work and are constantly improving our solution based on academic evidence and best practice.”

The tool will now be available on PlayOJO, SlotsMagic, AHTI Games, Lucky Vegas, and Slingo brands, alongside several others owned by SkillOnNet. Meanwhile, Neccton is working with popular online gambling platform ComeON to create new safer and responsible gambling tools using state-of-the-art technology. Their solution also depends on artificial intelligence, machine learning and academic research to safeguard users from harm.

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