Alabama Sports Betting Bill Will Allow Exclusive Gambling Rights to Indian Casino

Alabama Sports Betting Bill Will Allow Exclusive Gambling Rights to Indian Casino

Republican Sen. Greg Albritton recently introduced SB282 which seeks to amend the state constitution and allow gambling and sports betting. His approach to fast-tracking gambling expansion may be in stark contrast with that of the Republican governor of Alabama Kay Ivey, who supports a more in-depth review of legalized casino gambling in the state.

What does the bill suggest?

The new bill by Senator Albritton will allow the only federally recognized tribe, the Poarch Bank of Creek Indians, to get exclusive rights to casino gambling in the state. It will also grant them the right to operate sports betting services. To become law, the bill will first have to pass the legislature and then gain the governor’s approval. It will then require a statewide voter referendum in its favor to amend the constitution.

Alabama Sports Betting Bill Will Allow Exclusive Gambling Rights to Indian Casino

The Poarch Band already operates three Native American Class and I and II gaming facilities in the state in Wind Creek Wetumpka, Wind Creek Montgomery and Wind Creek Atmore. The tribe has already pitched a “$1 billion plan” to the state which includes exclusive rights to a Class III gaming facility which will include table games and slot machines. They claim to bring $350 million in project tax revenue to the state alongside $725 million in licensing in the compact fee.

Bill gives Indians what they want

The bill by Albritton not only gives the Indians what they want but also adds something more to them. The bill is currently assigned to the Senate Tourism Committee. Note that Albritton has represented the Indian tribe for several years and is often referred to as the “senator from Poarch Creek.” Talking about the manufacturing plants in the state, the Senator said that the Indian tribe is the economic engine of the region.

His bill provides a sweeter deal to the tribes than what they initially called for in November. He wants the tribe to pay licensing fees for only two new casinos which will be constructed in Jefferson County and anyone place from DeKalb, Jackson or Marshall. They will pay an initial licensing fee of $250 million and pay a tax of 25% on GGR. The existing facilities of the tribe will also be allowed to become Class III casinos for which they will not have to pay a licensing fee.

The existing casinos will enter a gaming compact with the state and share revenues from table games and slot machines.

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