British Gambling Commission Reduces Staff Amidst Heavy Criticism

British Gambling Commission Reduces Staff Amidst Heavy Criticism

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is being criticized because of its decision to reduce staff. Critics say that the commission cannot remove positions when it is already understaffed.

Workforce cutback in progress

The Guardian recently talked about the workforce cutback in the commission and wrote about it. The UKGC acknowledged that it is looking for a new organizational structure but refused to suggest how many jobs it is planning to cut down.

British Gambling Commission Reduces Staff Amidst Heavy Criticism

The regulator released a statement and wrote,

“We will shortly publish our business plan for the next 12 months. Alongside the development of that plan, we have been talking to colleagues about some changes we are considering to meet the challenges ahead, which may affect the way we work and how we organize ourselves in some areas.”

What is UKGC’s current status?

The commission, which was established in 2005, has 332 full-time staff members. It regulates all land-based and online gambling operations in the UK, including the National Lottery. In February this year, the commission was criticized by the National Audit Office for failing to match tracks with the rapidly expanding online gaming industry. In its report, it noted that people are gambling in new ways and the risks of mobile and online gambling are also emerging alongside technological development.

It added that the commission doesn’t have adequate ability to protect customers from the risks generated by these factors. The company is constrained by many factors, including the inflexible funding and inadequate knowledge of how the developments could affect the industry and its consumers. It even went on to say that it is unlikely that the commission will be able to address all the harms and risks in this sector with its existing arrangements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented crisis in the UK gambling industry. All gambling shops are currently closed while online operators have started seeing an increase in gameplay. The British gambling commission regulates a $14 billion industry on a $23.4 million annual budget. If the commission removes a job, its ability to carry out its functions effectively could be affected.

Matt Gaskell from the UK National Health Service (NHS), who studies gambling in the country, said that the step highlights why the government needs to go ahead and take legislative action that could strengthen the commission.

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