Connecticut’s Sports Betting Bills May be Delayed This Year

Connecticut’s Sports Betting Bills May be Delayed This Year

The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis for Connecticut. However, this problem has also stalled the sports betting bill of the state.

Sports betting has to wait

The sports betting legalization efforts in Connecticut could be stalled till 2021 legislative hearings. The General Assembly of the state will be adjourned on May 6. However, before this, it would remain closed till April 26. This would leave virtually no time for the bills to be discussed on the floor. The assembly has to consider two sports betting bills.

Connecticut’s Sports Betting Bills May be Delayed This Year

Governor Ned Lamont has ordered all businesses to remain closed till May 20. Senate Republican leader Len Fasano said that with all business remaining closed for another month, it would be impossible for the legislature to come back to the Capitol. He said,

“You cannot tell people it’s too dangerous to go to work, and then open up the Capitol and have hundreds of people there. It’s hypocritical. While we’re telling businesses and schools that they cannot operate, we shouldn’t be in session.’’

What could happen if the legislature comes to Capitol?

As soon as the legislative session begins again, lawmakers will give more priority to the most urgent bills first. Sports betting bills do not qualify in the urgency criteria, which means that they could be pushed to next year. The first bill, Senate Bill 21, was gaining the most support this year. The bill tried to legalize both retail and mobile sports betting. However, the bill restricted all betting activity to the state’s tribes. Governor Lamont has been critical of a bill that monopolizes betting for either commercial or tribal casinos. He is looking for a more comprehensive approach.

The second bill, House Bill 5168, proposed legalization of sports wagering for both tribal and commercial properties. It also allowed retail and mobile sports betting. The Connecticut Lottery could also apply to provide these offerings. The bills will require amendments before they could be approved by the legislature and finally signed into law by Lamont.

There is still a possibility of special legislative sessions in summer which could witness discussions on all leftover bills. However, if it doesn’t happen, then the state will have to wait another year to see any real progress in the sports betting sector.

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