Norco Senator Gary Smith Jr Backs Sports Betting Bill

Norco Senator Gary Smith Jr Backs Sports Betting Bill

Louisiana’s gambling expansion plan is gaining more steam after the State Senate approved a bill that could legalize sports gambling in the state. The bill, if passes, will allow parishes to decide if they want to enable sports betting.

What does the bill promise?

Senate Bill 130 will need more support to bring Louisiana’s sports betting dream to reality. Residents will choose the fate of the bill during a November vote. The bill will allow residents of parishes that allow the bill to bet on professional as well as collegiate sports.

Norco Senator Gary Smith Jr Backs Sports Betting Bill

Norco democrat. Sen. Gary Smith Jr. said that the gambling industry is “our business partners.” He said that Louisiana should get on equal footing with its neighboring states that have already started gambling expansion. This includes the likes of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. He said that the state needs all the tools it can find to ensure that it is not at a disadvantaged position compared to its neighbors.

Smith said that the gambling industry produces a lot of good and stable jobs for thousands of state’s citizens. It has also provided a stable and viable revenue source for the state. It currently brings more than the tourism, oil, and gas industries. He acknowledged that these sectors have been reeling because of pandemic-related shutdowns. This is why the state is also experiencing a reduction in its revenue.

Louisiana can profit via sports betting

Smith noted that sports betting is legal in several states and people are spending millions each year betting on sporting events. This has been occurring much before states started legalizing the practice. He says that the situation is not different in Louisiana but they can change the landscape. The state can legalize the practice and make it safe for everyone. Legal gambling is already available in the state, so sports betting would be adding a new aspect to it.

Doing so would help take betting off the black market and bring it to the legal spectrum. Bettors will know that they are wagering safely and will also get their payout in a secure environment.

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