Nevada Gamblers Will Wear Masks While Playing at No-Barrier Table Games

Nevada Gamblers Will Wear Masks While Playing at No-Barrier Table Games

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, gamblers in Nevada will be required to wear face masks if they are playing at table games that have no barrier. The guidelines are in accordance with the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s updated health and safety policy for casinos.

What does the board suggest?

According to the board,

“Licensees must require patrons to wear face coverings at table and card games if there is no barrier, partition, or shield between the dealer and each player. This requirement applies to table and card game players, spectators, and any other person within 6 feet of any table or card game.”

Nevada Gamblers Will Wear Masks While Playing at No-Barrier Table Games

The update from the board comes less than two weeks after the state allowed casinos to reopen after an almost three-month-long shutdown. The Vegas gambling markets have changed because of the pandemic.

Changing casino experience

All casinos in Vegas are now following strict social distancing and sanitization norms to ensure the health and safety of their guests and employees. As a result, the casino going experience in Vegas has changed suddenly. All table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker now have fewer seatings which help in ensuring proper distance between players. Similar rules are being applied on craps table as well. According to new limitations, there will only be six players at craps tables, four at poker and roulette tables, and three at blackjack tables.

All employees and dealers will be required to wear face masks or face shields upon casino reopening. Masks were mostly made options but they were strongly encouraged by the casinos. MGM Resorts has also gone on to install plexiglass partitions on its tables. In some cases, video poker machines also have these plexiglass partitions. Caesars, on the other hand, has made it mandatory for players to wear masks at table games.


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