Workers of Atlantic City Demand Health Benefits from Gambling Operators

Workers of Atlantic City Demand Health Benefits from Gambling Operators

Union casino workers in Atlantic City are now calling for gambling firms to cover their healthcare benefits. The union- Unite Here Local 54 suggests that it will only be able to pay furloughed workers till the end of June.

New demands from the workers union

The unionized casino workers in Vegas and the Unite Here Local 54 union are now holding a protest rally, on Friday. The rally went from the Atlantic City Expressway and ended at the Borgata, after circling Harrah’s Resort.

Workers of Atlantic City Demand Health Benefits from Gambling Operators

They are calling on nine casinos in the state to pay for the healthcare benefits of the workers. As the reopening of the state’s casinos remains undetermined, there is rising tension about the payments and healthcare benefits that furloughed employees will receive. Even though the number of COVID-19 cases is decreasing, it is still unclear when the casino industry will restart.

The union has helped casino employees with insurance money as well. However, funding is relatively small and workers will now have to depend back on the companies that have furloughed them. The union wants casino brands to pay for the insurance of the casino workers.

Big furloughs and funding issues

Casinos in Atlantic City have been shut for over 80 days now and most operators have been forced to furlough their employees. According to Governor Phil Murphy, the gambling industry should be back on its feet on July 4. However, there is no guarantee that casinos would be ready to reopen on these dates. Most casino workers have borne the issues that come with unemployment. However, the lack of health coverage will prove to be a problem for them. The protests are becoming even stronger because the Garden State has given a tax-break to the gambling properties to help them offset their costs.

Unite Here Local 54 suggests that the employees depended on them for health benefits but now their coffers are going empty. If casinos fail to take the healthcare costs upon themselves, thousands of employees will be devoid of any coverage after June.

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