Georgia Voters Could Decide the Fate of Casinos in November’2020

Georgia Voters Could Decide the Fate of Casinos in November’2020

November 2020 will be a crucial time for voters in Georgia as they will decide the reelection of President Donald Trump as well as the state’s entry into the gambling sector.

No history of gambling

Georgia is one of the five states in the US that have no tribal or commercial casinos, sports wagering, or parimutuel betting. The four other states with a similar background are Utah, South Carolina, Hawaii, and Vermont. The Peach State has historically been averse to all forms of gambling excepting the state lottery.

Georgia Voters Could Decide the Fate of Casinos in November’2020

The road to Georgia’s gambling industry opened on Monday when the Georgia House Regulated Industries Committee voted 13-3 in favor of the Senate Resolution 841. This measure would allow Georgia state residents to amend the constitution of their state and allow casino gambling, sports betting, and parimutuel wagering. The resolution will first have to receive a two-thirds majority vote in each of the legislative chambers. Once the November ballot question receives majority support from the voters, each county will be allowed to hold another local referendum and determine whether they want gambling properties in their communities or not.

The state needs capital

According to State Rep. Ron Stephens, Georgia needs capital investments and a new stream of tax revenue. He introduced the SR841 into the House Chamber. Georgia has previously seen interest from different parties as well. For instance, the owners of the Atlanta Motor Speedway were willing to invest about $1 billion to transform their racetrack into a casino resort. They planned a hotel, a theme park, a convention center, and private residences in the complex.

Stephens said,

“We need investments in the state of Georgia. Whether you’re for or against the bill [SR841], allow the people to vote. It can’t come to your backyard until your backyard wants it.”

House Bill 903, introduced by Sen. Burt Jones, would be tabled at the full Senate this week. His bill will charge an annual fee of $900,000 alongside a 20% tax revenue. The mobile sports betting industry in the state will be monitored by the Georgia Lottery. Jones also went on to say that legalizing mobile sports betting will not require a constitutional ballot referendum as it would be just like another lottery game.

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