Massachusetts Decides the Rules for Casino Reopening in The State

Massachusetts Decides the Rules for Casino Reopening in The State

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has finalized the reopening rules that the state’s casinos must follow. It chalked out the minimum health and safety requirements that all gaming properties- including resort casinos and slot parlors must follow.

New announcements on Tuesday

The commission had already decided on some minimum requirements last week. It has restricted craps, roulette, and poker until further notice. Gaming tables for games like blackjack will have a maximum of three players. All guests will be required to cover their nose and mouths using equipment when they enter the property. However, they may take it off when drinking. The final details were added and adopted on Tuesday.

Massachusetts Decides the Rules for Casino Reopening in The State

One of the major issues for the Commission was to decide how to limit drink service in the properties, which could create an exception to the mask rule. They also had to decide how to ensure proper social distancing between users. They also had to decide the height of the physical barriers as well as the overall occupancy limits of buildings.

What has the commission decided?

The commission has decided that players will not be allowed to carry a drink or a beverage while they are moving on the game floor. All gaming operators have to ensure that this rule is followed. Some commissioners said that allowing guests to walk on the floor will make it equivalent to a bar. These properties are not allowed to open until Phase 4 of the reopening.

Vice president and general counsel of MGM Springfield Seth Stratton said,

“Walking around with a drink, that’s a bit more challenging for us and harder to understand the public health concern of someone with a mask on carrying their drink from one position to another without consuming that drink. That’s probably where our biggest challenge lies.”

The Commission said that there should be a minimum of six feet of distance between active slot machines. The operators can also install a plexiglass barrier or any similar physical barrier that is at least six feet high. Physical barriers between players for table games should be at least 5-feet and 10-inches high.

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