Bars and Taverns with Slots in Nevada Await Judge’s Decision to Reopen

Bars and Taverns with Slots in Nevada Await Judge’s Decision to Reopen

A lawsuit that seeks to overturn the orders of Governor Steve Sisolak regarding the closure of any slot machine establishments that do not serve is expected to reach a decision this week. At least 62 businesses, including bars and taverns, in Southern Nevada, will be affected by the decision.

The lawsuit seeks to reopen business establishments

Dennis Kennedy, an attorney from Las Vegas, originally filed the lawsuit on July 12 on behalf of the bar and tavern owners. A tavern is a standalone business while a bar can be a part of a business-like bowling alley, restaurants, and casinos. Customers are allowed to sit at tables in groups of six or less in taverns and bars serving food. The ones that do not serve food cannot reopen because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Bars and Taverns with Slots in Nevada Await Judge’s Decision to Reopen

Bars and taverns in seven counties of Nevada remain closed after the governor’s orders on July 9. The businesses that do not serve food are currently closed in four counties including Clark County, where Las Vegas is located.

The decision rests with the judge

Kennedy appeared before Judge Kerry Earley on August 13. The told the Clark County District Judge that the state is unfairly targeting bars and taverns even though none have been cited for violation of coronavirus restrictions. Customers are already being allowed in several businesses if they follow social distancing norms and wear masks. He expects the judge’s decision to come soon.

Bar owner Randy Miller, who is a party in the lawsuit, said that it is not sensible to allow a bartender to walk up to the customers who are drinking and eating and a table and not serve them at the bar. The distance between the customer and the employee is more at the bar than at a dining table. Miller owns 11 bars and taverns in the Las Vegas Valley alongside his partners. One of his properties is the Chubby’s Pub ad Foothills Tavern. He assured that all bars and taverns have been implementing health measures and sanitizing since the coronavirus hit the US.

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