UK Lawmakers Pondering Over Raising National Lottery Minimum Age

UK Lawmakers Pondering Over Raising National Lottery Minimum Age

Lawmakers in the UK are discussing a new proposal to raise the minimum age for National Lottery to 18 years. New studies show that teenagers aged 16 and 17 buy National Lottery products on a regular basis.

Raising the legal gambling age

The lawmakers are looking to raise the legal age of gambling to 18 and the move is being supported by both medical groups and the industry. The move is a response to an increase in youth gambling which has led to gambling related harm at an early age. However, even if the lawmakers decide in favor of raising the gambling age, the move will not occur before 2023.

UK Lawmakers Pondering Over Raising National Lottery Minimum Age

Data suggest that more than 200,000 teens aged between 16 and 17 are regularly buying scratch cards and playing Lotto. With new age limits in place, the government wants to slow down problem gambling in the young. Both individuals and industry groups are supporting this move.  Clean Up Gambling, an organization that supports better gambling controls in the UK suggests tightening the laws. It also seeks a more comprehensive gambling review of the industry as soon as possible.

The organization supported the age change in a Twitter post, where its campaigner Matt Zarb-Cousin wrote,

“The younger you start gambling the more likely you are to fall into addiction. All gambling should be restricted to 18 and over.”

Reform is necessary

Medical professionals in the country also support the raising of the legal gambling age. Dr. Frank Atherton, the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, The European Lotto for Betting Association, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists have all supported the proposal.

Head of National Lottery operator Camelot, Nigel Railton, said that the age should be raised. He noted that the minimum age for gambling has been 16 for about 25 years. Therefore, it is time to review it. The House of Lords Select Committee on Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry also released a special report in early July, calling for urgent reforms in the British gambling industry. The document includes 66 recommendations.

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