Standalone Slots Make A Grand Reentry in Bars and Taverns of Nevada

Standalone Slots Make A Grand Reentry in Bars and Taverns of Nevada

A new directive from the Nevada Gaming Control Board suggests that standalone gams can be placed next to the bar tops on a temporary basis. The buddy bars of the state can also make slots available to their patrons.

NGCB provides some relief

The NGCB recently issued a directive that allows temporary placement of slot machines next to the bar tops in all bars and taverns with gaming licenses in Nevada. The board said that inquiries into two sections of Nevada’s Emergency Directive 027 were received by the board. One of the inquiries sought guidance on the operation of standalone slot machines at the bar tops. This directive will help some businesses in the state but bars and taverns that have 15 or fewer slot machines will continue to be on the prohibited list.

Standalone Slots Make A Grand Reentry in Bars and Taverns of Nevada

The NGCB has also prescribed some conditions that the licensees must comply with. Given the health guiltiness for the coronavirus pandemic, all slots must be placed at least six feet apart. All machines must be cleaned and disinfected after every use. The barriers and partitions also need to be cleaned. All licensed properties have to submit floor plans to the board which ensures that slots have adequate supervision. Moreover, the properties will have to seek prior permission before placing, activating, or moving a slot.

Bars closed since July 10

Earlier in July, Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all bars in the state to remain closed to comply with the coronavirus protocol. His order impact restricted gaming locations like bars and taverns extensively. These locations do not pay a tax on gaming revenue. Instead, they have to pay an annual or quarterly fee, which depends on the number of slot machines they have.

Nevada has 19,054 slot machines of which several are located in about 2,000 restricted gaming locations and built into the bar tops. On July 14, about 62 bar owners in Clark County filed a lawsuit challenging the governor’s orders. They suggest that they have been treated unfairly even as they comply with all health and safety guidelines of the state.

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