Casino Employees in Mississippi Report Inadequate Standards For COVID-19

Casino Employees in Mississippi Report Inadequate Standards For COVID-19

Casino employees in Mississippi reported lax standards for COVID-19 in the gaming properties. On Thursday, they told about the improper COVID-19 protocols at their respective employees during a testimony.

Complaints raised by Union

Unite Here Local 23, a casino workers union, raised complaints about the improper standards for COVID-19 for employees. Their complaints were similar to employees from Las Vegas and Atlantic City resorts. The Union noted that five workers from the IP Casino and ten workers from the Beau Rivage Casino have tested coronavirus positive. Both properties are located in Biloxi.

Casino Employees in Mississippi Report Inadequate Standards For COVID-19

Two casino employees testified about the issues in the properties and how resorts are managing the pandemic after reopening. Carolyn Ford, an IP Casino guest room attendant said that the casino asked her to come to work even when her COVID-19 test results were awaited. Ford was tested positive and raised issues about having gone back to work on the insistence of the management. She said that if she had gone back to work, she could have spread it to her coworkers. Talking to WXXV News 25, she said that the casino said that they had asked her to come in accidentally. However, she believes that this couldn’t have been the case.

Employee survey reveals details

The union also presented a survey of workers at IP Casino and Beau Rivage to the gaming commission. The survey showed that 70 percent of the workers reported a lack of social distancing guidelines at the resorts. The Beau Rivage responded to the survey and testimony and said that they are working diligently on their reopening plans.

Their statement reads,

“Prior to reopening, we worked with health experts to develop our comprehensive ‘seven-point safety plan’ and ensured that every employee was thoroughly trained. We work hard every day to ensure compliance by both employees and guests, especially when it comes to masks and social distancing.”

The union also noted that the casinos must do more to protect their employees during the times of the pandemic. It suggested continuous health and safety meetings every alternate week to ensure that the company is transparent in its policies and communication.

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