MyACP Casino Management Systems Adds New Functionality

MyACP Casino Management Systems Adds New Functionality

Comprehensive casino management system myACP is now getting a new upgraded software release that will come with new functionality. There will be two new utilities for the clients that could help in creating a safer gaming environment for the guests.

A response to COVID-19

The new upgrades to the myACP Casino Management System have been designed to help casino properties react better to the challenges in the post-coronavirus world. The pandemic has significantly changed how gaming properties operate. They now have to work with reduced capacity and also have to ensure that they follow health and safety guidelines that could help them keep employees and guests secure.

MyACP Casino Management Systems Adds New Functionality

The two new utilities available in the software help in the management of floor traffic and ensure that social distancing requirements are followed by automating the locking/unlocking process of electronic gaming machines. The software features have been tested successfully in some international markets where they proved to be effective. The updates will be available on-demand or automatically in the next software release.

Disinfection lock in the software

The software will now come with a Disinfection Lock that will software automatically deactivate EGM after a gaming session has ended. If there is no player interaction for a specific period of time, the system locks the machine and the staff is alerted to prepare it for the next customer. After the machine has been disinfected, it could be unlocked by the casino staff and made available for the next user.

The second feature is called Neighbor Machine Lock which automatically locks every adjacent EGM on the gaming floor. It can also automatically unlock them once a gaming session is finished. This helps in ensuring social distancing while players engage effortlessly with EGMs. The feature helps in automating and optimizing their floor traffic management, which helps in creating a safe environment for the users as well as the staff. It creates more fluid management styles where the customer is at the center of the gaming floor dynamics.

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