Finland’s Veikkaus Plans New Casino

Finland’s Veikkaus Plans New Casino

Finnish state-run gambling monopoly Veikkaus is planning a new casino in the city of Tampere. The casino is scheduled for a December 2021 launch. It is also planning to work on strengthening its social responsibility measures at all the land-based slots network.

Veikkaus making new plans

Veikkaus announced last week that it is expecting to launch its latest casino in Tampere next year. The casino will operate from an under-development UROS Live hockey arena with 15k-seating capacity. The arena will also open to the public around the same time. The state-gambling monopoly said that all the customers entering their new casino will be subject to a new version of their mandatory authentication programs.

Finland’s Veikkaus Plans New Casino

Their Casino Helsinki property currently mandates registration to give entrance. However, in spring 2021, they will have to show a Casino Card that will give them access to table games and slot machines.

What is the new Casino Card?

The Casino Card is different from a typical Loyalty Card that Veikkaus offers to its customers who are permanent residents of Finland. The cards are used for slots play at the Feel Vegas Arcades and the Pelaamo run by Veikkaus. It also works on decentralized slots at third-party operators of slots like gas stations, restaurants, etc.

The operator is rolling out the mandatory authentication for decentralized slots play in January 2021. The mandatory authentication for the decentralized slots play will roll out in January 2021. It will also be available in the Veikkaus-run slots hall in next June. The idea is to empower the customers so they can place loss-limits or ban themselves from gaming activity permanently.

Veikkaus started placing tougher temporary loss limits for online slots and other fast-paced gambling games. This would help in reducing the potential harm for gamblers who were playing more than usual because of the lockdown. The legal loss limit was €1k per day and €2k per month earlier. However, the operator reduced it to €500 per month until September 30.

The operator aims to impose loss limits on the land-based slots in June next year. The Casino Helsinki property will be exempt from the provision alongside the new Tampere facility.

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